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Premium leather case for knitting needles

Voss from muud is a premium leather case for the discerning knitter who wants to keep his or her knitting needles neatly organised –and in style.

Nothing is more fulfilling than making something with your hands – whether you’re an experienced knitter or beginner. The Voss leather case from muud allows you to keep your knitting needles organised. The case slides easily into a bag and thus fits a busy everyday life on the go.

The roomy case is handcrafted in premium leather that will age with beauty. Complete with nine practical pockets, the case gives you storage space for knitting needles and wires in different sizes and lengths.

- Handcrafted in genuine leather
- 9 pockets for knitting needles and wires
- Zipper closure

Height: 17 cm
Width, lid: 10.5 cm
Width, bottom: 9.5 cm
Shell: Leather
Lining: Polydrill with a smooth surface to ensure easy maintenance
Care information: muud Care & Clean